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Hello and welcome to the Besting Investing blog!
I have been thinking of becoming a blogger for weeks now, so I’m super excited to finally start. I’m going to be using this blog to share all of my ideas about investing. I have a couple strategies that will help you generate wealth and lots of strategies that are terrible and you should definitely avoid. I will share all of my ideas! As the last part of this long blog post, here are my 3 key objectives for the blog. 

Objective #1 – Make you laugh
This is #1 because, life is short, let’s enjoy it. I think I can put a hilarious spin on investing. No guarantees I will make you laugh, but you probably will. I just hope you will be laughing with me and not laughing at me and my schemes. 

Objective #2 – Make everyone money
I will share all my ideas that are making money, you share your ideas that are making money then we all make more money. Easy peasy.

Objective #3 – Not get sued
I think this objective is simple. I do not want to give anyone my hard earned profits, especially not to someone complaining about something awesome I wrote! I haven’t really done any research into what I could get sued for by writing an investing blog, but i’m sure there are a bunch of reasons. If you are willing to give me free legal advice, I am more than willing to listen. 

I will not stop until I achieve all three objectives! Really though, I should probably just stop now, hitting 2/3 objectives ain’t bad.

Stay tuned for more blog posts and thanks for reading!


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